The Larynx: Primary Sound

fter discussing power in last week’s blog, this week’s topic is The Larynx: Primary Sound. While the Northumbrian pipes we talked about last week made a droning (constant) sound, our voices don’t drone in the same way. We are always stopping and starting that sound. However it is that underlying sound that creates speech.

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The larynx: Power

This month we’re going to be talking about the larynx and how it powers our voices. Now, without a carving knife and a willing subject, we’re going to be exploring the feel of the larynx rather than actually being able to see what goes on in our voice box.

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Music and sound: Accent

People often tell me that I sound posh. Anyone who knows me knows that’s not the case. If you really listen to me when I speak, you’ll notice an accent. It’s not a specific accent because I’ve lived abroad and moved around so I’ve picked up different habits from different places. There are, however, some definite northern ‘twangs’ in there because that’s home to me.

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