• Voiced Consonants

    Voiced Consonants

    Voiced consonants – These do what they say on the tin. They’re the consonants (ie, not the vowels that we talked about earlier) which are voiced. Take your flat hand and place your fingers against your throat, around where your Adam’s apple is…

  • Sounds Over Letters

    Sounds Over Letters

    This month, in celebration of World Speech Day on 15th, we are looking at the sounds we create when we speak or sing in a language. I want you to try to put aside how we SPELL words in English and focus instead on the sounds we create when we make words.

  • I’ve got Rhythm!

    I’ve got Rhythm!

    February is often associated with love, music romantic language…and I thought ‘hang on a string-pickin’ minute – what better way to celebrate than with a whole month’s worth of music as a language (of love)?’ So, we’re here, talking about music, language, love… Let’s dive in and have a good old gander at the links between the two pillars of language and music.