A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence

― Leopold Stokowski

ONLINE only gigs until further notice!

Windows 10 screen showing Hannah singing and playing guitar during an online concert

Covid-19 might have stopped live gigging, but it takes more than that to stop a musician
from doing what comes naturally – gigging!!

With that in mind I will be hosting online gigs nights during this Corona-lockdown.
You DO NOT need to have broadband or 4G etc, as you can also DIAL IN using your landline or mobile
to listen to and chat with the rest of the audience and myself during the concert (you will be muted while I sing).

These gigs are free gratis and cost you nothing (other than the phonecall / data costs)!
However, I do ask, if you can afford it, that you consider buying me a cuppa afterwards if you enjoyed the show!

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