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Your voice and confidence

Hello! And a belated welcome to the month of September when we’re going to be talking about your voice and confidence!

It is friendship month and, for a lot of people in the education sector, it is a month of new beginnings. Whether that’s a new term, new subjects, new school or new college.

New beginnings can often mean new friends. For those of you with low confidence, whether that’s in general or in your voice, new beginnings can be tricky.

I believe really that having confidence in your voice, how you speak, and the sounds you are creating, can give you confidence in yourself. And as a result, more confidence that what you are saying has worth.

So when I talk about confidence in your voice, I’m not just talking about confidence in the actual voice that we hear. I’m talking about giving you confidence in
yourself, in your worth and in your opinions.

How do we do that?

Well, we look at your voice, be that singing or speech. We work on understanding how your voice works, understanding how you can keep it healthy, what you can get out of it, and working on making it the best version of your voice.

Your voice is unique to you. Nobody else has what you have, and that makes it unique and fantastic. So I want you to come along, get lessons, and really get confidence in that voice, be it for speaking or for singing.

And remember, it’s about you, for you, not for anybody else.

Next week we’re going to take this idea a little bit further when we’re talking about accents and confidence in accents.