Confidence and your voice: Your accent

This month is friendship month, and building on last week’s blog and video about confidence in your voice, this week we’re talking about confidence in your accent. A lot of people that I talk to, both within my singing or speech lessons, and generally in life, say to me that they hate their accent. And I think that's really sad. Accents are brilliant. They are what make us as unique as we are. And the fact that we're starting to lose some of these regional dialects and regional accents is sad.

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The Larynx: Primary Sound

fter discussing power in last week’s blog, this week’s topic is The Larynx: Primary Sound. While the Northumbrian pipes we talked about last week made a droning (constant) sound, our voices don’t drone in the same way. We are always stopping and starting that sound. However it is that underlying sound that creates speech.

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