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Music – the language of love

February – the month of love…

February is often associated with love, music, romantic language…

…and I thought ‘hang on a string-pickin’ minute – what better way to celebrate than with a whole month’s worth of music as a language (of love)?’

So, we’re here, talking about music, language, love… Let’s dive in and have a good old gander at the links between the two pillars of language and music.


Music as a language

At the risk of sounding like a cliché, music is often described as the language of love. It tugs on our heart strings and stirs our emotions. Some music makes us tap our feet, (think of the spiritual “When The Saints Go Marching In” ) and some makes us sway our whole bodies (think of this Postmodern Juke Box version of “Give It Away”)

Music really does have the power to make us feel it with our very beings. Perhaps it’s something to do with the literal frequency of a piece? Lyrics transport us to other times in our lives. Riffs immediately throw us back into our memories of when we first heard them. Melodies have the power to lift our spirits and make our souls sing.

Even without words, music speaks to us. It conveys meaning, makes us understand things we hadn’t quite put together before.

But what are the other ways we could compare music with language? Well we will be finding out next week!

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Let’s get your singing sizzling!

Hannah x